The Art Of Mix and Match

Prints are the way to go, from sassy animal stripes to charming florals and classic marbles. Prints are perfect to effortlessly create unique and compelling ensembles. Our exclusive fashion prints help you adopt the mix and match trend no matter the season. Be sure to find your favourite design prints from our wide range of Autumn Winter 19 designs and coordinate your clash, layer prints and go wild with bold graphics to perfection.

Let yourself be inspired by a masterclass in the art of mix and match

Fierce Florals

There’s nothing more elegant and classic than delicate florals, juxtaposed with bold animal print graphics. Pairing our Zafari Zebra and Sweet Blossom adds an instant touch of grace and demure allure and is the perfect print combination for daytime and evening looks. Be sure to look chic, composed with a touch of blushing grace and some eye-catching modern sass.

Products shown from left to right: Zafari Zebra Case; Zafari Zebra QI charger; Sweet Blossom Case, Sweet Blossom Magnetic Ring Mount.

Decadent Love Stone

Pairing similar prints in design that occupy opposing colour camps instantly creates a luxurious eye-catching look. Be sure to dazzle with Marble prints, they possess a natural opulent effect and never ceases to amaze. Mixing and matching marbles create a relaxed yet pristine appearance, perfect for everyday wear and a must-have ornament for those special glitzy evenings.

Products shown from left to right:Golden Burgundy Marble Case & Magnetic Ring Mount; Black Galaxy Marble Case & Magnetic Ring Mounts.

Prowling into the Wild

For maximum visual impact, dare to go into the wild with our animal prints in Zafari Zebra and Sunset Tiger. A bold fashion statement, animal prints are perfect for any occasion and effortlessly transform any outfit with bold sophistication and glamour. Have fun with layering and pairing the graphic prints together, to uplift and add instant dimension to your whole look. These wild prints are fashion must-haves and visual adapt to everyday daytime looks, and for more glamorous night outfits.

Products shown from left to right: Zafari Zebra Case and QI charger ; Sunset Tiger Case and QI charger

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