Behind The Scenes of The Satin Collection

Exclusive behind the scenes pictures and interview from our latest Satin Campaign, featuring Swedish profile Bianca Ingrosso, German celebrity Betty Taube-Günter and Dutch personality Monica Gueze.

Get the Satin look with Bianca Ingrosso

The Satin Campaign brings out the beauty of pastel colours with a set of playful designs, this campaign revisits the much loved 80s nostalgia, reminding us of Hollywood heydays starlets preferring slinling bias-cut satin dresses to show off their feminine figure with confidence and power.

Bianca Ingrosso is a Swedish fashion profile, known for her bubbly personality and glamorous wardrobe. During the Satin Campaign photoshoot, Bianca revealed her best moments from the campaign and her favourite gems from the collection. 

My absolute favourite part about this campaign is meeting and getting to know Monica Geuze and Betty Taube-Günter. The Satin designs are the perfect gems to wear with a slinky dress, every woman looks good in satin and silk. Satin also looks so cute paired with denim, I love how versatile Satin is! My favourite designs are The Pistachio Satin, this shade is just so irresistible - Pistachio is also my favourite ice cream flavour! I also adore the Rose Satin, it makes me feel feminine, powerful, edgy and cute - so very me. 

Disover BETTY TAUBE-GÜNTER Satin Favourites

Betty Taube-Günter is a German celebrity, bringing to the campaign her quirky and optimistic personality to the set. Discover Betty's ultimate crush from The Satin Collection and how to casually style it for any occasion.  

The Satin campaign is so colourful, I love it - the photoshoot set is so playful so I can go crazy and it makes me happy. Satin looks so cute paired with denim, I love that the pieces from this collection are so versatile! I love Honey Satin because I love yellow,  I’m a smiley face and always smiling :) Yellow is very me, it makes me feel happy and reminds me of the sun. The collection is feminine and strong at the same time!

Monica Geuze embraces pastel satin to perfection

Monica Geuze is an Influencer from the Netherlands, and when it comes to accessories, Monica is an ace at picking the perfect gems to create the most unique and cute looks. Get inspired to create your personal look, combining your favourite pieces with our precious Satin designs.

This campaign makes me feel confident and cute at the same time. I love the designs, my favourite one has to be Rose Satin because pink is cute and so am I! I’m all about pieces that bring out the best in you and these designs are perfect for accessorising. These gems are so versatile to match all your looks, I would wear my Rose Satin with a pair jeans with a cute blouse and glamorous pumps.