Editor's Picks: Spring Muses

The top 6 accessories to build your capsule wardrobe

Though it may feel too soon to rejoice in the promises of a potentially ‘normal’ summer, the same cannot be said for celebrating the simple joy of the sun finally making its reappearance. Spring has always held connotations of new opportunities, to wipe the slate clean and start afresh, but this year (and we think we speak for many when we say this), this season’s affirmations could not ring truer. The delicate touch of golden rays on blushed cheeks from a light breeze has never felt more welcome, amidst the dark chaos that has wrapped up this past winter.

Spring is a captivating season when it comes to fashion trends, with many inspired by the time of change resulting in revamping their entire wardrobe. We have picked out the top three Spring muses that will be the foundations to building your capsule wardrobe.

Spring colours

True to Spring fashion code, exuberant pastels are sweeping across looks this season. Bright, breezy and organic shades that exude positivity, what’s not to love? Muted hues of daffodil yellows and floral pinks always resurface this time of year, in line with nature beginning to bloom. This year they feel more liberating, maybe as we’re turning to new ways to bring colour to what can only be described as an otherwise diluted phase of our lives.

Alongside these traditionally Spring colours, this year we’re also seeing brown and cream neutrals thriving. The potential these pantones have is riveting, mostly because a whole outfit can be centered around the palette to create a savoir-faire ensemble for effortless day-to-day style.

Spring textures

Chunky chains, mock-croc and thick straps = the key to this season’s look book. Croco accessories work effortlessly in tandem with this season’s colour palette, with the texture being naturally adaptable to any colour you throw its way, it continues to provide flawless looks (not to mention it’s a completely cruelty free vegan leather). And straps to go with these accessories? Well, well, well, it feels like the creativity we have with interchangeable straps is such a simple, yet fun and complex, way to adapt it to whatever vibe you’re feeling that day.

Spring prints

Spring without florals is like pasta without cheese, non-existent. Each year we are blessed with different variations of the print, albeit intense and bright, dark and romantic, or light and dainty, but still the floral aspect remains a core muse to the season. The shift into springtime translates into modernized floral prints and fresh variations of architecture. If there is one word that could sum up the sought-after fashion codes for springtime, it’s organic. Maybe due to our recent appreciation for the nature around us, or for the reality we’ve all lived in of a simple life. Either way, it has opened up a horizon of new Spring muses.

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