Editor’s Picks: Top 5 WFH Essentials

May your stress levels be empty and your work ethic be plenty

Working from home has its challenges, that we all know by now. Dogs wanting attention, cats walking over your keyboard, kids making noise, and so the list of distractions goes on. With many still continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future, we have picked out some of the best IDEAL OF SWEDEN products to help make your life that little bit easier, and your workday that little bit smoother.

The aim of the game is to find as many ways as possible to reduce stress throughout your working day in order to help you feel more organised and prepared for what your job entails. By incorporating these products into your routines, you’ll discover what a difference they will make to your day, saving your full focus for the tasks at hand.

1 Qi Charger

Placing Qi chargers in hotspots around your home, though seemingly a simple idea, is one of the best ways to reduce distractions. By having these wireless charging pods at your desk, your sofa, or wherever you spend most of your time working, you can mindlessly keep your phone battery topped up. This way you will be ready for any calls you need to take without a last-minute sprint to a charger when you’re on 2% and your boss is ringing you. Better yet, it saves you from the plentiful distractions you pass on your way to collect your charger from elsewhere.

2 IDEAL OF SWEDEN x Glacial Bottle

One of the top essential things when WFH is to ensure your brain is focused. The key to this is hydration, and when working, eating, relaxing and sleeping all within the same four walls, it can be easy to forget about drinking water with all the other things going on. By having an IDEAL OF SWEDEN x Glacial reusable bottle at your desk, it will remind you to get your H2O, you can also then keep track of how much you are drinking: healthy body, healthy mind, healthy work.

3 Ring Mount

Adding a ring mount to your IDEAL OF SWEDEN phone case is not only a fashion statement in itself, but it also acts as a multi-functional gift from the gods. This beautifully adaptable product will make your day-to-day working life run optimally, from having a better grip on your phone when making important calls, to using it as a stand when watching a video tutorial. Best of all you can attach and detach it as and when you please.

4 Face Mask

To be in a good headspace for work requires you to be safe and healthy, and during current times it has never been more important to protect yourself. Though not necessarily to be worn whilst sat at your desk, a face mask is essential when going out for your daily walk or to pick up some groceries. And who says you can’t make a fashion statement whilst taking responsibility? Keeping safe and caring for one another never looked so good.

5 Sanitizer Chain Bag

Finally, just as essential for your daily outing as your IDEAL face mask is the Sanitizer Chain Bag. An irresistibly handy little accessory that will ensure you always have your sanitizer to hand. Whether you style it over the shoulder or as a cross-body, find confidence in knowing you’re doing all that you can to keep yourself and others safe with your sanitizer always there for when you need it most.

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